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The British Gaskets Group will strive to be the highest quality, quickest response and most cost effective manufacturer and supplier of all gaskets and seals that meet or exceed our customer's expectations.Learn more

Systems, procedures and processes along with investment in technology will ensure that our products meet even the most stringent quality requirements.
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At British Gaskets we also provide information on all the latest company, customer, supplier and employee news.
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At British Gaskets we provide a complete range of gaskets to suit all applications. Non asbestos, rubber, plastic felt, paper, graphite, foams, metal, spiral wound or sponges to name a few. Tooling is designed in house, giving us complete control for urgently required samples and prototypes.Learn more

Whether you requirement is for a small intricate high volume components items the BG Group is able to accommodate. A variety of rubber mouldings to include: SBR, Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Silicone and Viton, the list is endless.Learn more

The British Gasket group provides a varied range of quality materials produced to the highest specification. We develop our own range of non asbestos materials to provide suitable alternatives too many of the major material manufacturers own brand.Learn more

We know how difficult it is to pick the right product or even find the right product that you need, to help we have provided technical guidance documents.
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After extensive research into our products we provide product information and technical capabilities in our product catalogues.
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It is our intention to set benchmarks within the sealing industry that our competitor will aspire to. The industries that we have served are railways, agriculture, petrochemical, domestic appliances, automotive and aerospace.Learn more

The BG Group has over 30 years experience in developing supply chain solutions for its satisfied customer base. In that time we have forged extremely strong relationships with a wide selection of material manufacturers and specialist moulding producers.Learn more


History of The British Gaskets Group from it's beginnings in 1929 through the advancements made to the present day.
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Our key relationships remain firmly cemented with customer service in mind, a Chinese JV moulding facility, a sole distribution agreement with Italy's leading TS approved manufacturer are backed by bespoke raw material developers in Spain & Korea as well as solid distribution agreements with companies as far afield as Poland and Taiwan.Learn more

Our warehouses and supply chain networks are fully equipped to manage all volume requirments, 1 part per month for a specialist railway customer or 1,000 per day delivered line-side for an OE manufacturer, it makes no difference to the 1st class service we give all our customers.Learn more

Continuing our development work with raw material partners, the BG Group has projects in hand to bring several ground-breaking material innovations.Learn more


If you have any queries about British the Gaskets Group we will try to anwer them as quickly as possible, we have provide a quick contact form which we hope will enhance your experience at our website. Learn more

If there is anything that you cannot find or you need any additional information, please contact our customer service teams, we will be happy to help.
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