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Rubber Moulded Products

British Gaskets Limited manufactures and develops rubber moulded products; these products are used to solve many challenging sealing, bearing and vibration issues encountered in a wide range of industries with an equally wide range of customers.

British Gaskets Limited currently produce components containing less than a milligram of rubber to larger components with over 10 kilograms; we can handle sizes from the very tiny to over 1.2 square metres. Our manufacturing batch sizes are typically 100’s to 100,000’s and is as low as 1-off to well over 10,000,000-off per month.

Our facilities include a comprehensive range of equipment for processing materials and moulding rubber components. These include K4 internal mixer, mill room & test laboratory, injection and compression presses from 20 tonnes to 500 tonnes capacity and composite bonding of rubber to metal, plastics and fabrics. Over the last 40 years British gaskets Ltd have developed over 600 compound formulations and manufactured components in all the common thermoset rubbers such as SBR, Neoprene, EPDM, Natural, and Nitrile. Also in highly specialised polymers some of which are listed below:











Polymer Type (Common Brand Names)   


Acrylic Ethylene




Perfluoroelastomer (DuPont, Kalrez ® and 3M Dyneon FFKM)

Fluoroelastomer (DuPont, Viton ® and 3M Dyneon FKM)


Hydrogenated Nitrile



Carboxylated Nitrile

ASTM Classification













British Gaskets Ltd have developed a seal / rubber mouldings to be used on the Solar Orbiter that is due to fly closer to the sun than any previous craft has ever been. Take a closer look by following this link:

Solar Orbiter was selected by ESA in September 2000 with a proposal led by the Max Planck Institute for Aeronomy and RAL Space. The mission makes use of solar electric propulsion and planetary fly-bys (Venus and Earth) to achieve a 150-day orbit with aperihelion of 40 solar radii and thus makes numerous close encounters of the Sun.

Liquid Silicone Rubber

Rubber to Metal

Industrial Rubber Hoses

O Rings

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is ideally suited to high volume fully automated production.
LSR is typically supplied in two parts, one containing the platinum catalyst. As the material is pumped to the press these are automatically mixed with any colours and ingredients, producing a very homogeneous material that leads to high consistency from part to part. 
Bespoke steel tooling is essential, and our project development teams work closely with specialist tool makers to ensure we achieve the optimum tooling solution using the latest CAD technology. 

The scope of mouldings the British Gaskets Group are able to offer, depends entirely upon the customers’ requirement. Products we supply vary in size, material, quantity and tolerance, and as a result we can offer considerable flexibility.

We hope to provide you with information on rubber weather strips in the near future. Please contact our sales team if you need any additional information on rubber weather strips.

In addition to the extensive selection of O Rings the British Gaskets Group stock, we also offer a comprehensive choice of moulded and mechanical seals.




We are able to offer an extensive selection of extrusions in various polymers and different hardnesses.

Not all moulding requirements have to be made specifically to customer specifications.

In many cases standard items are available which save on tooling, minimum production quantities and long lead times.

Whether you requirement is for small inticrate high volume components or for larger commercial items the BG group is able to accomondate.

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