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Plastic Injection Mouldings

As plastics are used more predominantly within many manufacturing roles today, plastic injection moulding technology has evolved significantly. Plastic Injection Moulding is the principle manufacturing process for many plastics and uses heated material that is then injected into the end mould. Many of the items we see and use around us are created through moulding plastic and the process is popular amongst many design stages for prototype drafts.

With many different avenues now running off on tangents from the process of moulding plastics, including 3D printing and more, our market leading role within plastic mouldings is hugely popular and a service that is dedicated to many sectors, including those listed above. At British Gaskets Limited we are a company at the forefront of the moulding sector, having a vast knowledge and available resources to create bespoke and specially tailored components for our clients.

Undertaking all manner of moulding applications, our engineers present a comprehensive array of additional services to provide the ideal solution that is tailored to your specific requirements. Foraying into many industries such as packaging, automotive dashboards, seating, plastic gaskets and O-rings, detailed components and plastic parts for use in many production applications, British Gaskets Limited process both thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers to reproduce the items and parts our clients demand.

Our plastic moulding facility supplies the automotive, domestic appliance, consumer electronics, leisure, packaging and electrical sectors.

We have the expertise to adapt and supply any sector with products for a diverse range of applications using a range of commodity and engineering plastic grades. We also welcome enquiries for moulding work requiring secondary, value adding operations such as assembly, printing and ultrasonic, hot plate welding.

Plastic Assemblies

Pad Printing

Hot Plate Welding

Plastic Injection Moulding

At British Gaskets we are not just a plastic moulder. Due to our diverse product range we are able to manufacture all components needed to make complete assemblies.

To put the finishing touch to your products, British Gaskets Ltd offers in-house pad printing on your plastic mouldings. Printing on your products allows you to:

  • encourage logo & brand recognition

  • provide contact details or website

  • advertise your complete range of services beyond the product itself

  • provide essential information on your product.

Hot plate welding, also known as mirror, platen, or butt welding, is used for welding injection-moulded components, for example in automotive applications, and extensively in joining plastic pipes for gas and water distribution. The process uses a heated, metal plate to heat and melt the interface surfaces of the thermoplastic components. Once the component interfaces are sufficiently heated, the hot plate is removed and the components are brought into contact to form the weld.

A comprehensive range of plastic mouldings. HDPE, Nylon, Polypropylene are just a few of the materials that the BG Group can supply.

With a machine range of 50T – 1100T we can provide for most injection moulding requirements.

On every new project, British Gaskets Ltd provides tool project management, adopting the Automotive process APQP to ensure tooling and components are delivered to the agreed timeline.

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