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The movement of passengers and freight by rail is a major form of transportation in the UK. Since 1948 when the railway network was originally nationalised with the birth of British Rail, many changes have taken place. These changes have primarily happened in the last 10 years, culminating with the railway act in 1993, with the last passenger franchise bring awarded in 1997. Below standard performance by the newly formed railway businesses results in heavy penalties, therefore confidence in suppliers and their products is of paramount importance.

There is no better example of British Gaskets ability to meet the requirements of any industry, than the railways. Although the method of motive power has evolved through steam to diesel and electrification the company has proven it’s ability to diversify with this progression. This includes being a major driving force behind the change to non-asbestos alternatives.

Sealing products are supplied to companies involved in Passenger (including London Underground), Freight, Maintenance, Carriage and Wagon, and Infrastructure sectors. Components they fit, include Power Units, Bogies, Brake equipment, Wagons, Turbo chargers, Axle boxes, Rolling Stock, Buffers, Radiators, Faceplates and many other applications. These encompass a whole range of material types including non-toxic and low smoke emission.

We also continue to supply the steam enthusiasts in the UK with replacement parts for engines at most of our steam museums!

Although we have been involved in this industry for many years, the British Railways Board did not award the first comprehensive gasket and O ring contracts until 1977. British Gaskets are pleased to have been the prime supplier chosen in the inaugural contracts with BR and BREL, which remained unbroken until the fragmentation of the industry. Major contracts are now held with Engish Welsh and Scottish Railway, Railpart and Adtranz. Virtually all of the TOC’s (Train Operating Companies), maintenance and infrastructure companies are included on our current customer list, which is growing all of the time. The latest additions include component repairers to the major players, and preservation societies.

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