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4BG Group Celebrates Caterpillar Supplier Excellence Recognition Award

4BG Group – British Gaskets Limited a privately owned manufacturing company based in Brundon Lane, Sudbury were today officially awarded their 2023 SER award. 

Caterpillar’s Supplier Excellence Recognition (SER) program is designed to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of its top-performing suppliers.

These suppliers consistently meet or exceed rigorous requirements and achieve world-class certification levels. The program recognises suppliers in several categories.

Caterpillar created this certification program to recognise suppliers who demonstrate commitment to excellence and drive a zero-defect culture within their organisations.

Suppliers are certified by meeting or exceeding stringent performance standards, including product quality and on-time delivery performance.

This award also covers supply to Perkins Engines, who are owned by Caterpillar. 4BG currently supplies 17 different Caterpillar/ Perkins manufacturing or parts distribution sites, globally.

There are two levels of SER award, Standard and Excellent. 4BG Sudbury awards: 2022 Standard, 2023 Excellent. 2024 On target for Excellent.

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