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As an island, with many ports and docks the UK has untold marine stories in its history. Having once been one of the world leaders in Shipbuilding, experience in design and engineering still plays a major role in defence and ancillary equipment. Shipbuilding has always been an important and challenging market for the gasket industry due to the diversity of applications. Whether for propulsion, sewage disposal, or radar, to name but a few. British Gaskets are part of the sealing solutions. Some customers less commonly associated with marine like GEC Marconi and Siemens Plessey, both of which are World leaders in electronic defence systems are supplied with many bespoke products.

British Gaskets have excelled in the marine world through the supply and service provided to major engine manufacturers. Our long association supplying components and materials to Alstom Engines and Lister Petter, enables us to strengthen and improve our experience within the industry. This is an important market to us, our customers and to the people who rely on our products. Future additions to our product range will ensure British Gaskets continues to make waves in this industry.

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