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Fluid Control

This avenue of our business encompasses a wide range of different ways in which we contribute to the methods where fluids are stored, moved, channeled and monitored. The scale of the industry can range from sealing gates on hydroelectric dams to minute sterile components used within medical instrumentation. The most common line of products comes within the scope of pumps, valves and pipework used to convey a wide variety of media such as water, oils, harsh or volatile chemicals and even gasses. As the conditions vary, then the scope of our production methods and materials we use must vary also.

Within the group our areas of expertise encompass all the different types of environment we are asked to provide sealing solutions for. Our range of materials are under constant review to enable us to offer an option to customers from almost any industry. Production methods must be able to cater for very high production runs for mass produced parts, to larger, small volume fabricated items. The level of service we supply must often be measured by the speed at which we react when our products are supplied for repair applications where downtime can incur heavy costs.

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