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Our service to the electrical industry has not only evolved from the simple gasket sealing area of our business, but historically from our Sudbury site, who were allied strongly to the industry before their merger with the British Gaskets Group in 1992.

Our production includes the manufacture of flexible and rigid stamped parts, fully machined items from sheet, rod and tube, along with fabricated items using various techniques. Amongst the materials that are converted are Laminates, Vulcanised Fibre, Presspahn, Elephantide, Fishpaper, Leatheroid, Mica, Nomex, Polyester, Ebonite and various combinations. A range of thermoplastic material includes Nylon 6 and 66, Acetal, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVC, PTFE and Acrylics. Laminates include Glass, Cotton or Paper reinforcements in Epoxide, Silicone Polyimide, Melamine, Phenolic and Rubber faced Phenolic, along with Polester Glass materials – all of which are available in sheet, angle channel, rod and tube.

Supplying goods as diverse as Electrical Matting (BS and DIN), slot wedges for motors, through to Insulators for Railways and Generators, we regularly supply products with full SPC resistance checking to ensure compliance with the strictest electrical safety requirements, and can offer other tests such as IP ratings for many parts.

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