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Domestic Appliances

Since 1929 people have been switching on to British Gaskets. Where luxuries have now become necessities changes in expectations has caused increasing demands on the development of faster, efficient and more refined domestic appliances. In our homes these changes constantly make our lives easier, at work they make our jobs more challenging. As our awareness of the environment increases so does our selection of materials to safer more Eco-friendly choices.

Our customers include household manufacturers Dimplex with parts for their domestic heaters also thermostat and control specialists ACL Drayton. In addition to products inside the house, DIY and gardening equipment manufacturers are key customers of the group. A relatively new addition to the Bosch group of companies, Atco-Qualcast are one such company who are held in high regard for the standard of their garden products and their long tradition. British Gaskets have a far reaching number and scope of customers, especially within the domestic environment.

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