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Communications & Defence

The field of communications is one which since the early beginnings of radio has advanced at a rapid rate to the digital era of the nineties. It is clear to see why these advancements are so closely linked with defence where clearly defined lines of communication are of paramount importance, and satellite monitoring and missile guidance systems are totally reliant on technology. Our involvement in defence includes specialist mouldings and seals used on optical sights and telescopes, to the gaskets used on the Perkins engine in a Challenger tank.

Products used in this industry can become market leaders through development and performance. Our policy to continually improve and review our materials has lead to the launch of a number of product innovations which have proven themselves to be viable safe alternatives to asbestos.

The communications market on the domestic front is another field in which we excel. As the number of products increase with new developments being made in computers, mobile phones, fax machines and domestic satellite systems, British Gaskets are continually finding themselves being called upon to supply many of the constituent components

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