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Considered as one of the most demanding & competitive markets in the world, this industry can benchmark a companies progress. British Gaskets cater for all areas on a worldwide basis. Whether the application is for engines, interior, chassis or body, we can offer a solution. Safety being paramount, materials have always been on the agenda for constant review and development, leading to a diverse stock range. In line with this British Gaskets have jointly developed a range of non-asbestos materials, which are exceeding industry expectations and have been approved by major international engine producers.

Recent investments provide the means to supply gasket samples without tooling. Data can be received direct from the Engineer and high speed CNC presses allow us to meet the most strenuous schedules. The industry requires continuous change to meet the increasing demands. British Gaskets policy of continuous development and steady growth will allow us to cater for this change.

As one of the worlds leading manufacturers of diesel engines, Perkins Engines (a member of the Caterpillar Group) relies on it’s suppliers to provide an efficient, reliable service. In fact, Perkins policy of strengthening the customer-supplier relationship falls in line with our own outlook of “working together brings better results”.

Development of our range of non-asbestos materials has proved extremely successful and Perkins internal tests show performance beyond anything previously seen. Amongst these results are improved cold compression and reduced creep. In addition, our external partnerships have allowed us to provide cost effective solutions, cementing the close working relationship.

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