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Farming is probably the oldest industry on the planet, From it’s earliest beginnings, man was reliant on himself, his live stock and his environment to survive. However, since the start of the last century, the advent of technology has aided him to a degree that his ancestors could not possibly have imagined. Today an increasing variety of aides are available to this industry, which enable the farmer to meet the demands of our growing population.

Most aspects of farming, whether crop spraying, harvesting or storage utilise products which require modern reliable sealing.

British Gaskets have a history of supplying products to this industry and we continue to expand our range with particular success in areas of grain handling, tanks and silos, pumps and irrigation equipment.

In addition to our many long-standing customers a relationship was forged with New Holland Ford in 1994 to develop a range of gasket kits for agricultural and industrial tractors. Through close contact, investment in materials manufacture and machinery, this has now evolved to include a diversified range of products and services. The association between the two companies continues to develop and with joint long-term objectives we look forward to continuing our partnership into the future.

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