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The Aerospace industry has advanced a great deal in a very short space of time. At the turn of the 20th century man could only dream of being able to fly, by 1969 technology was able to place a man on the moon.

Modern civilian aircraft carry hundreds of passengers while military aircraft not only carry people, but very expensive equipment and weapons, this takes safety standards to a higher level than in any other industry.

The involvement of British Gaskets in this industry has ranged over the years from the supply of material and gaskets for the aircraft itself, to the supply of mouldings for ejector seats and components integral to the manufacture of personnel and missile parachutes.In 1998 the company achieved Rolls-Royce Aerospace Supplier quality assurance, for the supply of Gaskets. Approval to supply this industry is considered to be a major step in quality terms as we are required to consistently produce products where there is no room for error.

British Gaskets takes on board the “100% or better” philosophy.

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