Softcut Gaskets is a general term for gaskets that have been produced in any flexible material. Our production facilities for soft cut gaskets are among the most varied in the gasket industry. • Skilled hand fabrication • Conventional Hydraulic Presses • CNC Operated Milling Cutters • Laser Cutting • Water […]

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Metallic Gaskets

We supply a range of Metallic Gaskets to suit many applications ranging from straightforward shims and washers through to precision parts manufactured from specialist materials such as Monel and Inconel. If you require some design input we are only too happy to help in whatever way we can. Our experience […]

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Plastic Injection Moulding Suffolk

Plastic Injection Moulding

As plastics are used more predominantly within many manufacturing roles today, plastic injection moulding technology has evolved significantly. Plastic Injection Moulding is the principle manufacturing process for many plastics and uses heated material that is then injected into the end mould. Many of the items we see and use around […]

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Rubber Moulded Products

British Gaskets Limited manufactures and develops rubber moulded products; these products are used to solve many challenging sealing, bearing and vibration issues encountered in a wide range of industries with an equally wide range of customers. British Gaskets Limited currently produce components containing less than a milligram of rubber to […]

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British Gaskets Ltd provides a comprehensive range of materials for processing into Gaskets and Rubber Moulded components. Gasket Materials The manufacture on high temperature Mica laminated materials are manufactured under tight controls at our Sudbury Manufacturing site. We also offer our own range on Non-Asbestos gasket materials that are formulated […]

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