Softcut Gaskets is a general term for gaskets that have been produced in any flexible material.

Our production facilities for soft cut gaskets are among the most varied in the gasket industry.
• Skilled hand fabrication
• Conventional Hydraulic Presses
• CNC Operated Milling Cutters
• Laser Cutting
• Water Jet Cutting

We can produce small prototype quantities up to large production runs in a bewildering number of materials including:

Non-asbestos, Graphite, Rubbers, PTFE & Expanded PTFE, Papers, Felt, Corks.

Production is not limited to straightforward flat cut parts. We can also form parts into shapes. Material such as Leather is still used to produce cup washers for valves for instance and electrical insulation materials are often produced with bends and creases to give a continuous electrical resistant barrier inside many pieces of equipment.

Screen Printed Gaskets are a specialised type of gasket. The basic concept of a screen printed gasket is that a fine bead of silicon is applied to a carrier material. This type of gaskets is best used on very intricate applications such as valves and hydraulic applications.

We also supply conductive / non conductive elastomer seals and gaskets in silicone / fluorosilicone typically used in EMC applications

If you require some design input we are only too happy to help in whatever way we can. Our experience in this industry will allow us to make recommendations of suitable materials for your application.

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Screen Printed

This unique sealing application, offers our customers an ability to seal difficult flanges in a manor that provides, an additional barrier across the sealing face with the use of a beaded elastomer.  

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Tooling to produce pipe-flange gaskets for every conceivable table including BST, ANSI, JIS and ASA is used to make flat gaskets for industries including Petrochemical, Water, Gas and Sewage!

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Spiral Wound

Spiral Wound gaskets are supplied world-wide to reliably seal flanges which are subject to arduous pressure and temperature conditions.

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Soft Cut

Our production plants produce ‘soft-cut’ gaskets from every conceivable type of flexible gasket material. Utilising the most modern methods of production we are able to supply special one-off and short run work on a variety of presses, including conventional hydraulic presses, CNC operated Milling cutters, Laser-Jet, Water-Jet cutting machines and […]

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